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These are stout-bodied birds with small necks and short beaks. Some species feature fleshy bills. They primarily feed on seeds, fruits, and plants. The family occurs worldwide, but the amplest variety is in the mainland & southeastern Asia and Australasia.


Doves and pigeons build very flimsy nests. *insert nest falling down gif* They often use sticks and other debris placed on branches of trees, ledges, or the ground (depending on species). They lay one or two white eggs at a time, and both parents care for the young. Unfledged baby doves and pigeons are called squabs. These chicks are called "squeakers" because of their high squeaking chirps.


Collared Dove

It is a large, pale dove with a black crescent shape on its neck that looks like a collar(duh). It has a square-tipped tail.

It favours urban spaces or farms and avoids forests. It is common across Eurasia, India and Northern Africa. 

Its call sounds like a "whoop-WOOO!-woop".

Emerald Dove

This brightly-coloured dove has bright green wings, a coral-red bill, and a grey forehead. The male has an extensive silver cap which the female lacks.

 It inhabits various forested habitats from lowlands up into montane areas.

Its call sounds like a "ti-woo, ti-woo, ti-woo". ( Imagine a solemn sounding hiccup)


Laughing Dove

It is a small bird and has pastel shades of brown and pink on its body. Its tail is long and white with a grey centre. It has a spotted black collar.

It is usually found in any urban area which has a few trees (this bird is not the pigeon that poops everywhere).

Its call is a “coo- coo coo ru” repeated many times

Spotted Dove

This bird is mainly brown with a reddish-pink breast. It also has a vibrant black and white spotted design on its nape.

It's found in gardens, parks, fields and open forests in Asia.

Its call is a loud "coo-a-roooo".


Turtle Dove

This is a medium sized bird bird with spotted wings, striped neck patch and a white tipped tail. 

It is found in wooded and semiopen habitats, especially in farmland. 

Its call is a simple "hr hr oo oo".

In the adjoining picture, you can see Turtle Dove in the background with spotted dove in the foreground. 


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