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#Birdword - Balcony birding

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

During the Covid Lockdown, the term Balcony birding has become very popular.

Since we were indoors, balcony birding comes to the rescue. It means observing the nature and its urban biodiversity from the balcony or roof tops of your homes.

We have a park right in front of our house and the Covid lockdown gave us ample opportunity to do balcony birding. We spotted Barbets, Tailor birds, Asian koels, Parrots, Treepies and even an occasional Pond Heron sitting atop a tree.

Here is a picture of a bird in the balcony which is different from balcony birding :)

Here is a picture of an owl in the park opposite to our house late at night. Can you see it?



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