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Bird Monitoring Symposium 2022

In an earlier blog, I had written about my efforts for Nest Survey for Karnataka Forest Department and WTI research scholar @ Kokkere Belur. You can read the blog here.

I am happy to present my work on this at the Bird Monitoring Symposium 2022. This symposium is a yearly event to bring together people involved in such efforts. It aims to bring researchers, citizen scientists and others together to facilitate conversations about bird monitoring. This year, the symposium was an online event scheduled on 29 – 30 April 2022 which included two mini-symposia, keynote talks with an open call for presentations.

I prepared a poster along with my fellow volunteers - Dr Srinivas Murthy and Ms. Nithya. The poster was about the work we have done so far for the nest survey.

Download PDF • 20.05MB

In the event, I got a chance to understand the conservation activities going on in India in the different regions. I was impressed with the work on building Bird Atlas to track endemic and migratory birds.

I could also connect with pioneers in the area of bird conservation and learn a lot from them through sessions and interactions. On one such interaction, I was able to connect to Mr Paul who is doing survey of Flycatchers in the Himalayan region. He was looking for volunteers to help him with identifying sounds made by Flycatchers. I have expressed my interest to volunteer with him and I hope I can make a difference.



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