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#Birdguide - Tailorbird

Tailorbirds appear at my window everyday. These are the most common birds near my house and I can hear their sounds nearly throughout the day. I was most delighted when I saw a tailorbird chick at my study room window during the Covid Lockdown. I got to observe them very closely without disturbing them.

Their nest was made by weaving together a few leaves and filled with dry grass and cotton threads. I could not get a good picture of the nest and i did not want to disturb the plant on which the nest was there. The male and female tailorbirds took turns to feed the chicks. After a few days, the chicks came out the nest. They had short wings and could not fly. You can see a video of the chick here.

We saw the chicks and the adult birds hop around everyday till the chicks were ready to fly away.



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