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#Birdword - What’s the difference between leucistic and albino?

Leucistic birds are white all over. It is a genetic mutation called leucism which causes a reduction of colour pigmentation.

Birds that lack the color pigment melanin have a genetic mutation called albinism. These birds are often pure white, but in some cases an albino bird might still have yellow or orange feathers.

Although albino peafowl do exist, this is quite rare, and almost all white peafowl are not albinos; they have a genetic condition called leucism, which causes pigment cells to fail to migrate from the neural crest during development.

Here is a picture of an albino peacock and a normal one taken in Ramanashramam in Tamilnadu. These birds were moving around freely.

The difference between leucistic peacocks and albino peacocks is the colour of their eyes. Albinos peacocks (and all albino animals) have pink eyes. Leucistic peacocks have blue eyes. Leucistic peachicks are born yellow and become fully white when they mature.



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