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Black-necked Stork #NearThreatened

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

When we were coming back from a Safari in Bandipur, we saw a Black-necked Stork drinking water from a lake. We saw it with many other water birds like Egrets. There were also many groups of around 20 spotted deers near the lake. (The deer probably didn't come to drink at the lake as the Black-necked stork kind of looks like a villain).

The Black-necked stork has a black neck, head and beak. The rest of its body is white except for a black patch on its torso and wings. It has vibrant pink legs. The females have a striking yellow iris.

This bird is also called 'jabiru'. This bird is Near Threatened according to the IUCN. There are only 1000 of these birds in South and South-East Asia! The number of these birds are slowly depleting mainly due to habitat loss and droughts.

These birds are carnivorous. They also can dance (multitalented much?). A pair stalk up to each other, flutter their wings and bring their heads closer. When their beaks touch, they walk away.



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