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Campus Bird Count 2023

On February 20th, I conducted the Campus Bird count in my school campus. My school is situated in the middle of a residential area but still has about 25 trees around its border.

I signed up to conduct the Campus Bird Count in association with, who are partners of Chirp!. The screen shot above shows my signup.

18 students from high school assembled at the parking lot at 8:am and we did a 15-min birding session. We spotted most urban birds like Red whiskered bulbuls, Black kites, White cheeked barbets and Common myna. The highlight was a White cheeked barbet making its nest on the trunk of a tree.

Since my school does not allow mobile phones, I do not have any pictures of the event but it was a very fruitful morning.

The Campus Bird Count is a sub-event of the larger Great Backyard Bird Count. It is a

coordinated effort to document the birdlife in multiple campuses across India. By “campus”, we include campuses of educational and training institutions, government institutions, research stations, corporate campuses, etc. Broadly speaking, any moderate to large sized area where people study, work or live.



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