• Nidhi Ramasubramanian

Nilgiri Flowerpecker

These birds are tiny with grey plumage. Its upper parts are light brownish-grey and its underparts are whitish-grey. It has a white brow above its eye. It has a slightly curved bill. It looks almost identical to the Plain Flowerpecker.

The bird above is a juvenile - It is in the stage of its life between a child and an adult (Somewhat like a teenager, but less moody)

The Nilgiri flowerpecker is a common resident of woodlands, edges of cultivation and isolated patches of trees in hilly regions. Its nest is purse-shaped and is suspended from a tree or a bush. It lays 2-3 eggs per breeding season.

They have a feathery tongue to sip nectar, but they also feed on berries and small insects. They are crucial pollinators and dispensers of mistletoes in tropical forests.

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