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#Birdguide - Rofous Treepie

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

In Tiruvannamalai, we saw a papaya tree with juicy papaya fruits. I started collecting rocks to throw at the tree to collect the papayas to eat. A rufous treepie suddenly appeared from a nearby farm and started feasting on the papayas.

It scared away all the crows and the birds nearby. It sat there for a full 5 minutes ignoring my family and me clicking photos furiously until a squirrel chased it away after a short fight.


The Rufous Treepie is a long- and stiff-tailed bird with brown upperparts and orange underparts. The head, mantle, and neck region are dull black. The long tail is grey with a thick black band. The wings have a white and black pattern. The blackish-grey beak is stout with a hooked tip

P.S - We finally got down the papaya........ but it had worms inside. Yuck



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