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Rose Ringed Parakeet

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

We visited Lalbagh in Bangalore for birding with a bird group. There we saw golden orioles, Brahmini kite and a Drongo. The highlight was a rose-ringed parakeet plucking out red string-like things from a puffy, red flower to get to the berries in the middle. It was perched just 5 feet ahead of us, blissfully ignoring the people milling around it. It sat there for a full 5 min until it devoured the flower.


The rose-ringed parakeet's most noticeable feature is that the males have a rose coloured ring around their necks (obviously). The males also have a black band around their neck while the females lack both rings. Both males and females have a green body, a bright red bill and a long slender tail.


P.S - The red puffy flower is called the powder puff flower as its stamens(the red string-like things) look like a powder brush and the pollen looks like powder.



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