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Sad State of Dore Kere #Conservation

The Asian Waterbird Census was in Jan 2022 -

Bangalore has many lakes that I could visit for this Census. But my exams were going on and I cannot travel far due to lack of time.

I stay near Uttarahalli in South Bangalore. I remember that around 5 years back we heard that a new walking track around a lake called Dore Kere has been opened. My parents, my sister and me went to visit it along with a few visiting guests. We walked around the 4 km track and were immersed in the beautiful sunset. There was also a small bund on which we could climb up and watch birds. There was an island at the center of the lake where large number of cormorants and grey herons were nesting. We also saw 5 pelicans swimming the water. But this was all back in 2015.

I decided to visit this lake again for the Census. I was in for a huge surprise. I was shocked with the condition of the lake. I did spot water birds - Spot billed duck, Greater cormorant, Grey Heron, Common sandpiper, Black headed ibis.

But the environment in which they were thriving was messed up and the numbers were far lesser than I had seen earlier. There was garbage and trash everywhere.

Here is the beautiful purple coloured grey headed Swamphen in the midst of plastic milk packets, rags and trash.

Find the common sandpiper in midst of all the bottles, cans and garbage.

The Black Winged Stilt's future hangs in a delicate balance as it stands in stinky water.

Pond Herons stand on discarded plastic tubs to hunt for .. flies?

What food can be found in polluted green water?

There were atleast 30 nests at this place 5 years back. But here is a sole nest of a Great Cormorant surviving in between perched Black Ibis in the "Concrete Jungle" of apartments.

It was a very disturbing visit and I am glad that census like these are conducted to bring about more awareness about the worsening state of waterbirds.

Anyway, here is the checklist -


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