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Hunter turned Scavengers of Bangalore

Updated: Jul 4

The Black kites have become very common in a large city like Bangalore. They are seen perching on high-rise buildings, water tanks and even street lights. This is one species that have adjusted to the urban life

The black kite is a medium-sized, rather nondescript raptor with overall dark plumage. It can be identified by its distinct forked tail.

But off-late, you see them around garbage dumps, meat shops and hunting on road kills. The drastic concretisation and the reduction in the natural prey base, has possibly compelled this bird to change its diet. From hunting and preying on rodents and other animals, it now feeds on ready-to-eat scraps.

While it was always an unskilled hunter, even its natural predatory instincts have been killed, making it primarily a scavenger.

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